All games played at St. Paul's School for Boys
Middleton Athletic Center
11152 Falls Road
Timonium, MD
General Admission is $3

Tuesday, May 29
6pm       OurFamilyvsYourTeam vs. Gilman
7pm       Mervo vs. Dulaney
8pm       Gilman vs. Randallston

Wednesday, May 30
6pm       Hereford vs. Park
7pm       Dulaney vs. Calvert Hall                                                   
                 Glen Burnie vs. Beth Tfiloh
8pm       Westminster vs. Hereford                                               
                 Concordia Prep vs. Chapelgate     
9pm       Cristo Rey vs. Glen Burnie
                 Beth Tfiloh vs. Jemicy

Thursday, May 31
5pm       Atholton vs. Mervo
                 Mt. Carmel vs. Randallstown
6pm       River Hill vs. Western Tech
                 Jemicy vs. South Carroll
7pm       Atholton vs. Manchester Valley
8pm       South Carroll vs. Chapelgate
9pm       Manchester Valley vs. Concordia Prep

Monday, June 4
5pm       Hempfield vs. Randallstown
6pm       Western Tech vs. Hereford
7pm       River Hill vs. Hempfield
8pm       Jemicy vs. Hereford
                 Loyola vs. OurFamilyvsYourTeam
9pm       CM Wright vs. Marriotts Ridge
                 SP2 vs. River Hill

Tuesday, June 5
5pm       Jemicy vs. Park
6pm       Mervo vs. Marriotts Ridge
7pm       St. Paul's vs. Atholton
8pm       OurFamilyvsYourTeam vs. Dulaney
9pm       Atholton vs. CM Wright

Wednesday, June 6
5pm       Dulaney vs. Loyola
6pm       Beth Tfiloh vs. River Hill
7pm       Randallstown vs. St. Paul's
8pm       Westminster vs. River Hill
9pm       Beth Tfiloh vs. SP2

Thursday, June 7
5pm       Gilman vs. Mervo
6pm       Manchester Valley vs. Jemicy
7pm       South Carroll vs. Concordia Prep
8pm       Manchester Valley vs. Chapelgate
9pm       SP2 vs. South Carroll

Monday, June 11
6pm       Hereford vs. Hempfield
7pm       Park vs. Beth Tfiloh
                 Westminster vs. Western Tech
8pm       Hempfield vs. Gerstell
                 River Hill vs. Hereford
9pm       Chapelgate vs. Cristo Rey
                 Beth Tfiloh vs. Westminster

Tuesday, June 12
6pm       St. Paul's vs. Mervo
7pm       CM Wright vs. Mt. Carmel
                 Park vs. Chapelgate
8pm       Gerstell vs. Dulaney
                 Cristo Rey vs. SP2
9pm       Mt. Carmel vs. Marriotts Ridge

Wednesday, June 13
7pm       Glen Burnie vs. Concordia Prep
                 Calvert Hall vs. CM Wright
8pm       Marriotts Ridge vs. Westminster
                 Cristo Rey vs. Jemicy
9pm       Randallstown vs. Loyola
                 Chapelgate vs. Glen Burnie

Thursday, June 14
5pm       Calvert Hall vs. St. Paul's
6pm       Randallstown vs. OurFamilyvsYourTeam
                 Mt. Carmel vs. Manchester Valley
7pm       Gerstell vs. Atholton
                 Western Tech vs. South Carroll
8pm       Mervo vs. Mt. Carmel
                 SP2 vs. Manchester Valley
9pm       Gilman vs. Dulaney
                 Atholton vs. South Carroll

Monday, June 18
5pm       Concordia Prep vs. Western Tech
                 Hempfield vs. Calvert Hall
6pm       OurFamilyvsYourTeam vs. Gerstell
                 Jemicy vs. SP2
7pm       Western Tech vs. Beth Tfiloh
                 Marriotts Ridge vs. Hempfield
8pm       St. Paul's vs. Loyola
                 Randallstown vs. Westminster
9pm       Chapelgate vs. Beth Tfiloh

Tuesday, June 19
6pm       St. Paul's vs. Gilman
                 Chapelgate vs. Jemicy
7pm       Park vs. Glen Burnie
                 Calvert Hall vs. Atholton
8pm       Mt. Carmel vs. OurFamilyvsYourTeam
                 CM Wright vs. Gerstell
9pm       Loyola vs. Mervo
                 Glen Burnie vs. Atholton

Wednesday, June 20
6pm       Calvert Hall vs. OurFamilyvsYourTeam
7pm       Concordia Prep vs. Westminster
                  Loyola vs. CM Wright
8pm       Gerstell vs. Randallstown
                 Park vs. Cristo Rey

Thursday, June 21
6pm       Dulaney vs. St. Paul's
                 Glen Burnie vs. Marriotts Ridge
7pm       South Carroll vs. Cristo Rey
                 Manchester Valley vs. Western Tech
8pm       Gerstell vs. Gilman
                 Concordia Prep vs. Mt. Carmel
9pm       South Carroll vs. Glen Burnie
                 Cristo Rey vs. Manchester Valley

Monday, June 25
5pm       Hempfield vs. Loyola
                 Hereford vs. SP2
6pm       CM Wright vs. River Hill
                 Western Tech vs. Park
7pm       Westminster vs. Hempfield
                 Hereford vs. Cristo Rey
8pm       Marriotts Ridge vs. Calvert Hall
                 River Hill vs. Concordia Prep

Tuesday, June 26
6pm       OurFamilyvsYourTeam vs. St. Paul's
7pm       Gilman vs. CM Wright
                 Mervo vs. Calvert Hall
8pm       Loyola vs. Gerstell
                 SP2 vs. Park
9pm       Dulaney vs. Mt. Carmel
                 Marriotts Ridge vs. Gilman

Wednesday, June 27                               Playoffs    

6pm       PO1: Chapelgate vs. Gerstell

                 PO2: Mervo vs. Cristo Rey

7pm       PO3: Glen Burnie vs. Calvert Hall

                 PO4: Atholton vs. Gilman

8pm       PO5: Loyola vs. Cristo Rey

                 PO6: Poly vs. Gerstell

9pm       PO7: River Hill vs. Gilman

                 PO8: Dulaney vs. Calvert Hall

Thursday, June 28                                       Playoffs

6pm       PO9: Loyola vs. Poly

                 PO10: Gilman vs. Calvert Hall

7pm       Underclassmen All-Star Game

8pm       Championship Game: winner of PO9 vs. winner of PO10

9pm       Rising Senior All-Star Game